June 12

Building Resilience Against Burnout


Building Resilience Against Burnout

There are five simple steps in building your resilience against burnout.

Step 1: Realize

Sometimes bad things happen. It is not your fault that you are burnt out. It is ok to be not okay.

Step 2: Recognize

Take your time to recuperate. Watch the warning signs of burnout. Take time to think, breathe, reflect upon your experience. See how badly you have been hit.

Step 3: Reverse

Undo the damage by managing your stress and seeking help and support. This is usually the phase that is the most difficult. You need to do loads of soul searching to find out what kind of your personal practices lead to burnout. You need to undo them and replace them with new practices.

Step 4: Resilience

Build your ability to withstand stress by taking care of your physical and emotional health. Exercise. Eat well. Go to concerts and theatres. Enjoy the company of your friends and family. Dance. Find old or new hobbies that energize you.

Step 5: Reconcile

Make the best use of the downtime to try to achieve what is achieve. Make peace with the stuff that you cannot achieve anyway. Life is beautiful!

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Marko Rillo

About the author

Prof.Dr. Marko Rillo has worked as an executive and a team leader in startups and reorganizing existing businesses. Author of two books. His PhD dissertation from the University of St.Gallen and subsequent research at the Estonian Business School has focused on innovation and business models. He is founder of SeriousPlayPro.com (2009), global community of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitators, trained at LEGO about the use of LEGO bricks in individual identity creation, corporate strategy development, complex problem solving and uniform team building.

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There are five simple steps in building your resilience against burnout. Step

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